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Two approaches with the same commitment to excellence in teaching, learning and serving.

In 1946, Second Baptist School established a five-day traditional school to provide biblical instruction and learning where students in pre-kindergarten 3 through grade 12 could grow academically, spiritually, physically and socially.

In 2020, Second Baptist School expanded its offerings in Christian education. Beginning fall of 2021, three Second Baptist School University-Model (SBSUM) campuses launched at North, Cypress and Memorial campuses. Two additional schools opened in the fall of 2023 at Second Baptist Church’s West and 1463 campuses. The SBSUM campuses are distinctively classical and packaged within a university-model, designed to educate students two to three days a week on campus.

1463 Campus


Memorial Campus


Cypress Campus


North Campus


West Campus


Woodway Campus

Traditional Model

An aerial shot of the Woodway Campus.


1463, Cypress, Memorial, North & West Campuses

With the same mission, passion and excellence as our Woodway campus, the university-model campuses are certified University-Model® Schools (UMS), which combine the attributes of homeschooling with traditional Christian education while maintaining the focus on the individual student, ensuring that he/she is challenged in every subject area.

The curriculum is fashioned after classical education, which is a methodology involving three stages (grammar, logic, and rhetoric), also known as the trivium. Each stage serves a purpose in educating students as they learn to apply knowledge and think independently. Students who receive a classical education are known as creative, thoughtful, and inventive problem solvers prepared for college and beyond.

Second Baptist School University-Model is founded on our core values of Christ-centered education that is academically excellent within a caring community. Our education, in partnership with the family, equips students to think critically, live biblically and lead courageously to impact the world for Jesus Christ.

The goal of the university-model is to provide families with an accessible, biblically-based and excellent education while engaging the community through a full range of student activities, community events, arts and athletics.


Woodway Campus

Our mission is to equip students to think critically, live biblically and lead courageously to impact the world for Jesus Christ.

We are a gospel-centered community, equipping students to live biblically, think critically and lead courageously to impact the world for Jesus Christ. Through vertically aligned academics and strong co-curricular activities, students are known individually by faculty who love God, love teaching and are masters at their craft. Your child, whether in PK3 or grade 12, will be nurtured in a compassionate environment, allowing him or her to take risks and be challenged to reach higher than ever thought possible.

Second Baptist School is a Christian college preparatory school committed to developing a biblical worldview in students across education programs that include academics, arts and athletics.

The Woodway campus is a traditional setting where students come to campus five days a week. The curriculum follows a standard offering found in most private Christian schools, including math, science, English, social studies, Bible and so on.

1. Woodway

2. Memorial

3. West

4. 1463

5. Cypress

6. North

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